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4 Ways To Take Work On The Road: A Traveler’s Guide

As a society we have been pretty steadfast in our belief that pleasurable traveling and day to day work are two completely separate activities. However, the workforce is changing and as a society we are forming new beliefs about what it means to “work”, and how that effects our lives, including travel. In 2016 an article published in Forbes stated that one third of the work force was made up of freelancers, and they project that percentage to expand over the coming years. Innovative companies like Capital Alliance help people begin to live a life with more freedom of movement. Technology has impacted the working world in such a way that it is now possible to travel for pleasure and work at the same time. How is it possible? Here are a few ways that you can mix work and travel.

1. Shift Your Mindset

If you have become comfortable with the idea that travel is for enjoyment and work is for those times between traveling, when you grind away and think about your next trip, this is the first thing that has to go. Decide to change your mind. The best way to do that is to look at your beliefs head on. Where did they come from? Most likely, they were formed within a society that did not utilize technology or transportation in the way that we do today. We live in a connected, globalized world. Those outdated beliefs have got to go!

2. Categorize Your Tasks

Begin to think about what work tasks can be done away from your physical work “headquarters”. You will find that some tasks are best done locally. You might need the resources available to you within your organization, or you might need to be at specific events or participate in live, face to face interactions that can not be done virtually. These are non-travel tasks. Next think about the tasks that are travel-friendly. Phone calls, independent projects, written assignments and anything that can be completely by yourself online should be categorized as travel friendly. Bundle these tasks together and then you will have a chunk of work that can be done from anywhere!

3. Live A Laptop Lifestyle

Even when you are at your home base, start to pretend that you are on the road. Develop a stream of income that can be accessed from anywhere on the planet, and work towards making it a viable income. During your day to day life, act as if you are in a foreign country, on a beach, or gazing out at Paris from a hotel rooftop. Keep your home office portable, even if you are stationary for a time. Even if takes an initial cost, it will benefit you when you want to travel. Think big when it comes to financing your dreams and achieving freedom and independence. Resources from lenders like Capital Alliance can help you start living the laptop lifestyle.

4. Increase Your Ability To Focus

When you mix travel and work you will find that you are working from new environments, that might not exactly lend themselves to concentrated energy. If you are going to pursue travel and maintain productivity in work areas, you must become a master at focusing at will. Find tricks that help you drown out the noise around you, and help you complete tasks regardless of external stimuli. Resources that improve focus will help you keep up productivity no matter where you are.

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