Month: May 2017

7 Graphic Design Software Alternatives to Photoshop

Graphics design is a field that has proved vital for businesses and organizations, and many people are now learning about different design techniques that can help them in marketing and showcasing their products. To make good designs, you need reliable software and you should also have a bit of understanding of how the tools offered are used. Many people have known Photoshop as the most reliable graphics design software, but there are many other alternatives that are far much easier to use. Below are seven that you should try in your next projects.


PicMonkey is powerful software that hides its power behind an intuitive and simple interface. It is a good option if you want to create good images for your blog or for your business due to simplicity and the power of the tools you can get from this software. Its simplicity makes it one of the most suitable alternatives to Photoshop. Most importantly, the software is free for the general version while to access premium features you can pay a small fee.


Canva is gradually gaining traction as a reliable image editing software. It is designed to make design simple for everyone despite having both powerful and useful tools that can allow advanced editing techniques. Many of its elements are accessible for free but for premium features you will need to pay subscription.

Pixlr Editor

For those who have been using Photoshop for a long period of time, using Pixlr Editor will prove easy and intuitive. Unfortunately, for those who are new to editing they could find it a bit challenging to navigate. Its features are to a large extent the same as what you will find in Photoshop.


If you are looking for a Mac image editor, which is fun to use and fast, then Acorn is here to cater for your needs. The tools that come with Acorn, such as custom brushes and instant alpha, make the software a perfect alternative to Photoshop. It offers easy image creation and editing, so you will not need to struggle understanding some features.


Another design software you could use in the place of Photoshop is Pixelmator, which takes advantage of new multi-monitor support features. The software is affordable and offers appealing tools that you could learn how to use in few days. With this alternative you can achieve a smooth design process that delivers impressive photos.

Corel PaintShop Pro X6

The Corel PainShop Pro has been around for many years. Charles Lubbat explains that if you are just beginning on image editing, you will appreciate the smooth learning curve this software offers you. It allows auto selection, and various types of brushes that assist you in the course of your work.


GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free cross-platform editor that offers great capabilities. Its convenience emanates from the fact that it can handle RAW files and there are many libraries that you can use while creating layers and photo effects. Anybody familiar with Photoshop can easily get up to speed with the editor.