Top Travel Trends for 2017

Though 2017 is nearly half over, many people are continuing to make this year a special year for travel. Traditionally, most people base their travel plans on popular destinations like theme parks and national monuments. Modern people however, are finding new reasons to travel.

The most popular new travel trends reflect the needs and interests of the individual. For many people, it is difficult to load a motor home, point to a location on a map, and spend weeks exploring. More and more people are discovering that travel has greater value when the destination is paired with a lifestyle, or a personal desire.

Careers and Exploration

Gone are the days when an employer regularly provides weeks of time for a valued employee to travel for a traditional vacation. Many people are now engaged in professional business situations that allow them to take time for travel, as long as it coincides with company deadlines.

Since most destinations in the world are now linked to wireless communication sources, the conundrum for modern travelers boils down to which destinations have the best wireless service. It’s now possible to sit on a tropical beach, or relax next to a national monument and still produce work for an employer. Many people in 2017 will choose to find a travel destination that will allow them to seamlessly combine work duties with relaxation, while doing business on a mobile device.

Budget Travel

It’s a provable fact from executive sources like the office of Martin J. Stallone, that people under retirement age are most concerned with budgetary matters. These concerns greatly affect choices like travel plans. Generation X, Y, and Millennial members are choosing to design their 2017 vacations around activities that are possible within a strict budget. For younger travelers, 2017 travel is not about extravagance and leisure. It’s about getting the most out of points of interest that are educational, enriching, and cheap.

This type of travel probably involves human-to-human interactions. Young travelers this year will seek diversions with artists, spiritual professionals, nature guides, and rural exploration specialists.

Travel and Politics

Despite the setbacks, many travelers in 2017 will choose to plan trips around things they find interesting in the news. Many people will book plane tickets to the Korean peninsula because of this region’s cultural conflicts. Surprisingly, more and more western travelers are continuing to visit the Middle East even with its obvious dangers.

One of the most popular places for political travelers this year is Cuba. Now that economic and travel sanctions have been lifted regarding this troubled island nation, it has become an inviting place for people wanting to experience a unique Latin adventure.

2017 is the year when the majority of international travelers choose to follow their own personal desires for intrigue and adventure instead of the status quo. Travel this year is poised toward educational and eye-opening adventures for a younger crowd that finally has the means to branch away from their daily existence. This year’s travel adventures are about discovery and social connection, rather than traditional photo opportunities.

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