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Jared Londry Discusses Impact of Lighting, Location and Building Type on Commercial Real Estate Value

There are a number of factors that will play a role in a potential commercial real estate buyer’s decision, but Jared Londry is often quick to point out that those factors simply represent a subset of a single overarching question: How much potential income is this building capable of producing?

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Jared Londry Offers Guidance on How to Revitalize Stagnant City Neighborhoods – John Ross Jesensky

When it comes to positive contributions made to the revitalization of neighborhoods in cities enjoying a period of sudden and widespread growth, Jared Londry can cite countless sales of commercial real estate properties within cities clearly on the rise.

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Jared Londry on the Role Health and Wellness Plays in Determining Commercial Real Estate Value

Up until recently, one of the main factors discouraging developers from incorporating comprehensive green building methods was the simple costs associated with doing so, but recent economic analyses — along with the fact that the cost of implementation has also been reduced significantly and cont

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David R. Gray, Jr. Discusses Importance of Education in Property Investment

It’s hard to argue that a strong education is anything but exceptionally beneficial, and an education is undeniably critical in serving as the foundation for just about every endeavor an individual will go on to pursue. It should therefore not be much of a surprise that David R. Gray, Jr.

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