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Jared Londry Offers Guidance on How to Revitalize Stagnant City Neighborhoods – John Ross Jesensky

When it comes to positive contributions made to the revitalization of neighborhoods in cities enjoying a period of sudden and widespread growth, Jared Londry can cite countless sales of commercial real estate properties within cities clearly on the rise.

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John Ross Jesensky: Don Mattingly and Barry Bonds Bring Offensive Credibility to Miami Marlins

There are few that would argue the offensive intellect of the new coaching staff leading the Miami Marlins, as Don Mattingly was one of the best hitters — if not the very best hitter — of the 1980s and early 1990s, and Barry Bonds was perhaps the most feared hitter to ever play the game during

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John Ross Jesensky Advocates Forward-Thinking Business Hiring Practices Kion Kashefi

The strength of a business idea or concept is often inconsequential without the right people in place to implement the company’s specific vision for that idea, further underscoring the importance of focusing on hiring those who are most qualified to handle the responsibilities they are given.

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John Ross Jesensky Discusses South Florida’s Live Music Venues

South Florida is a popular destination among travelers precisely because of its reputation for having cultivated an exceptionally active nightlife that includes such a wide range of live events that there is something capable of appealing to just about anyone at any given time, and Miami in particul

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John Ross Jesensky Advocates for Cautious Approach When Finalizing a Real Estate Transaction

Finalizing the purchase of a new home is understood to be a life-changing moment, and, unfortunately, John Ross Jesensky is concerned about the countless fraudsters seeking to take advantage of real estate buyers in such a way that what should have been an exciting and wholly positive moment becomes

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