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John Pryor’s Look at the Findings of the Business Expectations Survey – Marlon Kobacker, Green Advisory, Sustainability Professional

With so many businesses expressing pessimism in their forecasts for the next three-month period, it is particularly important to take a look at the most recent Business Expectations Survey with the goal of understanding some of the rationale behind these negative predictions.

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John Pryor Rugby Training for Busy Professionals – Reviews from Aussieland

It is an unfortunate part of entering the business world that our involvement in athletics tends to decrease as our professional responsibilities increase, which ultimately leads to a whole host of problems that the overwhelming majority of us would absolutely like to avoid if at all possible.

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John Pryor, How Rugby Taught Me Best Practices in Adapting to Evolving SEO Strategies

Every industry is subject to sweeping changes from time to time, and it is indeed rare that any industry can point to any constant that has remained solidly in place over time. With regard to SEO and digital marketing, the only identifiable constant thus far has been its consistent evolution.

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