Month: April 2017

5 Apps to Help Manage Allergies and Asthma

Technology has improved life in many ways. In the healthcare sector, there are many new ways of accessing information that are vital to patients and practitioners. Apps have improved the way people access vital services in all sectors, including banking, security and now healthcare. When you go to App Store and Google Play Store on your phone, you will find hundreds of apps dedicated to helping people suffering from different diseases. Those with allergies and asthma have a wide variety of apps to use, but not every one of these is tested for effectiveness and quality. To help you choose easily, below are five apps for people suffering from asthma and allergies that you can use to manage your condition.

Asthma Health

Available on App Store, Asthma Health is a free iPhone application that was developed by the Icahn School of Medicine. It allows users to take part in medical research and studies that are meant to offer solutions to asthma and allergies. Through the application, you can track things like air quality, set reminders and view outbreak trends around a region. It provides users a unique way of learning about the diseases and one can even share a summary of their information with a doctor. Since inception in 2015, Asthma Health has attracted more than 8600 participants.

Propeller Health

Propeller Health is a mobile app available on both App Store and Google Play Store that allows users to sync data using Bluetooth collected from a sensor that is put on your inhaler. This information helps you to monitor your condition and can be sent to your doctor for examination and for advice on the right measures to embrace. It alerts your doctor if your condition is worsening, so having the app could save your life by ensuring you receive the right medication at the right time.

WebMD Allergy

WebMD is a renowned healthcare repository that has been operational for more than two decades. The company offers the WebMD Allergy app, which can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and App Store. The app specifically helps the user to prepare for the day and allows one to track their symptoms then come up with a report to be reviewed by a doctor. You can even receive alerts whenever the pollen count gets high, and this reminds you to take your drugs.


Epi-Pen is a companion application that is available on both App Store and Google Play Store that offers auto-injectors that are designed to help one prepare for emergencies. With the app, you can train and refresh your knowledge on giving auto injections. With the technology availed through Epi-Pen, you can create allergen profiles and save emergency contacts.

Allergy Eats

People suffering from food allergies can find it challenging to eat well, but with Allergy Eats, they have a reason to smile. As Summit Shah cites, the app is free on both iPhone and Android and it displays listings of restaurants that offer allergy-friendly servings. There are reviews from users, which help you to narrow down to a specific choice that you can trust.