International Travel & Jurisdictions: Personal Injury Laws for Travelers

Winters and Yonkers

Winters and Yonkers

For the majority of individuals embarking on a vacation or business trip abroad, their journey will be completed with little to no trouble aside from the odd delay of a train, plane, or bus. However, the personal injury attorney Tampa residents trust, Winters, and Yonkers will explain there can often be problems resulting in a personal injury claim for those spending time on a cruise ship or resort where the safety of all guests should be of paramount importance; making sure a claim is heard in a court in the correct jurisdiction is one of the first issues Winters and Yonkers will address as they look to provide justice for the affected individual or family.

Investigating an international personal injury claim

A high-quality personal injury attorney Tampa communities know will often look to employ an international claims specialist who has a good understanding of the rules and regulations in the major vacation areas of the world including the European Union where the claims process has been standardized by various EU introduced regulations.

Working with a personal injury attorney with experience of international cases is an important step to take as the common issues for those taking an international trip can include boat explosions and accidents, drowning, food poisoning on a cruise ship, and a range of other safety issues. A good example of the safety issues many claimants face is found in the many cases of injury or death tried which come as a result of an improperly prepared water trampoline; even as innocuous an item as this can cause major issues resulting in a compensation claim. Investigating every aspect of the accident taking place will be the first step on the way to finding justice and funds often needed to take care of medical bills, funerals, and loss of income resulting from a personal injury.

Jurisdiction in personal injury claims

Any personal injury attorney will always do what they feel is best for their clients in providing the best outcome for any claim made against a resort operator or those responsible for the safety of individuals. Peopil reports there are two options for a lawyer to explore which are making a claim in the country where the injury occurred or looking to move the case to another country where conditions for success would be greater. However, in most personal injury claims, the rule of law dictates the case should be heard in the nation where the injury occurred to make sure the national rules and regulations regarding safety are heard and understood.

If a personal injury claim is heard in another country it is not unheard of for the laws of the nation where the injury occurred to be used as the overriding rules the case will be heard under and procedural law to be that of the nation the case is being heard in. One area all personal injury attorneys consider is the burden of proof in a case which can shift to the injured party when a claim is filed in a specific country.

Building relationships with foreign attorneys

A U.S.-based attorney will often be the first stop for an individual looking for compensation in a personal injury or wrongful death claim who will often work with a foreign agent or attorney who provides their own experience working in the jurisdiction a case will be tried in. Working together from the personal injury attorney Tampa offices the foreign agent will be called upon to aid in the procedural aspects of a case and discuss the chances of success in a specific nation when a claim is heard abroad.

Assembling evidence

No matter which jurisdiction is being used to hear a personal injury case, Winters and Yonkers recommend gathering as much evidence as possible from as early as possible following the incident taking place. One of the first steps any individual who feels their safety has been put at risk should do is to contact the police in the country where the events took place and obtain a copy of any police report filed.

The majority of developed nations now have freedom of information laws allowing access to medical records which can be used to assist in proving injury and the lasting effects of the event causing the injury. Proving an individual was unable to work or lost a source of income because of their injury is one of the most important steps in processing a successful claim.

International law can be confusing and the different aspects of jurisdiction are of great importance to pursuing a successful compensation claim which could make a major difference to the life of an affected individual or family. A personal injury attorney experienced in international law such as Winters and Yonkers can make all the difference in providing success in any personal injury claim.

How to Put AI To Work for Your Real Estate Business in 2018

David Lubbat

David Lubbat

Artificial Intelligence had its first impression as emotionless bots, with minds of their own that can have the ability to take over humans. Over time, that impression decreased in popularity. We now see AI as a modern tool that can help us move about in our lives more efficiently. The real estate industry has welcomed the help of these tools in business transactions.

One important characteristic of machines is its ability to learn and re-learn patterns over time. These capabilities improved throughout years of development, and it has expanded to many different uses: auto-suggestions in online retail sites, security from identity theft, and even the social media feature of recognizing your face in photos. The ability to sort these patterns that machines learn and repeat them in specific contexts has been increasingly helpful for business owners and users.

According to David Lubbat, an expert in web development, incorporating AI in your real estate business can be a big necessity in 2018 and the years to come. The new advancements are continuously shaping many fields of expertise, including real estate. In this post, we will be discussing how you can put Artificial Intelligence to work for your business in 2018.

How to Put AI To Work for Your Real Estate Business in 2018


1. Property management

Property management is easier through the use of these modern tools. With the help of machine learning, property managers, realtors, and estate owners can find tenants, post information about their properties, and recommend other maintenance services that can be availed. An example of this service is Zen place, a company that assists real estate owners in rental management and other related concerns. Popular apps such as Airbnb also has this feature, as inputting your property’s location can mean that the technology can auto-suggest it to a possible tenant in a nearby area.

2. Virtual reality tours

Another helpful feature that can be applied in real estate business is the virtual reality tour. David Lubbatmentioned the importance of Artificial Intelligence in many industries, and one specific way that it can help is through the generation of augmented reality. Users can now explore a property in the comforts of their home. Through the use of a 360-degree view or a 3-D generated online tour, people can see what the property looks like from the inside and out. This is very helpful in an any company’s web development, as it can be a powerful marketing tool.

3. Cognitive computing

We can see these technology trend being put to work in investment companies. Websites such as Betterment and Wealthfront have made use of robot advisors that learned patterns over time. This can also be used with real estate brokers through cognitive computing. Cognitive computing can enhance a broker’s intrinsic skills and prepare one for future clients and challenging tasks. Additionally, if you are looking into finding a broker for your property, looking ahead into the idea of having fully automated broker is possible in the future.

4. Data Analysis

If you are planning to upscale your business for the long term, it is important to make use of data analysis tools to help you gain insights on your progress. The new technology involves the use of different apps such as QuickBase and Tableau which can help you find information on what areas of your business you need to improve on, which one you can do without, and what strategies are needed to be done to create an impact to your customers. As a real estate business owner, it is important to gain new and applicable information from your target market.

5. Targeted Marketing

Another excellent feature of this tech trend in the real estate is the power of auto-suggestion based on a consumer’s location. By gathering information on a user’s location services found in mobile devices (e.g. GPS), real estate business owners can pitch their businesses specifically for people in the same geographical distance. This makes marketing more effective. Additionally, this feature can also post your sales pitches based on a user’s recent searches. For example, if a user searched “Apartment rentals in Houston” and you happen to be in that business, the auto-suggest feature can show the advertisement on your behalf.

Ultimately, there are two sides of the coin. Many workers fear for their jobs as more automated tasks are given to these ‘bots’. However, we can also look at it at another way: these advancements mean we can create more entrepreneurial and job opportunities for ourselves which are highly specialized, whichever field we are at.

The good news is, these advancements are cost-efficient, time-saving and highly reliable, and will make any business thrive as long as it is quick to adapt to the changes brought about by the digital age.

The Biggest Digital Marketing Trends in the Travel Industry

When you think of digital marketing in the travel industry, you might picture static Facebook ads of sandy beaches or bustling outdoor markets. While that still has its place, cutting edge trends take things further, personalizing advertising in numerous ways. Digital marketers like Charles Lubbat trend watch so you don’t have to, so here are the latest travel marketing trends to leverage.

360° Views and Virtual Reality

Envision realistic virtual reality expectations. Forget science fiction. Give your users a view they don’t need special glasses or a glove to view. It looks cool in movies, but isn’t realistic in mass marketing.

On your website, provide visitors the opportunity to watch a 360° video of the hotel room, vacation rental or boat cabin they’re considering. Shoot one video per room. A virtual tour of an entire house would shut down the memory on most computers.

With any virtual tour option, design for the average or slightly out of date user. You won’t sell more if less people can use the tour. Plus, you’ll turn off users who couldn’t watch. With respect to the bevy of mobile users, offering a low resolution version of each video provides them an option to view easily on their phone. It also affords everyone an opportunity to view the higher resolution video later from a computer.

You can work your digital marketing into your company’s convention and conference booth presentations, too. For example, Virgin Holidays used Google Cardboard products to create a 360° video of one of its Mexico resorts. Virgin’s project resulted in increased bookings for the resort and a spillover increase for others.

Big Data, Bigger Impacts

Big data covers every aspect of your products. Its variety coupled with its velocity and volume provide a window into the wants and needs of your competition, customers and vendors. If you want to sell more, harness your data – and your competition’s. Information agencies cull data from firms using sources like retail sales, company websites and social media.

For digital marketing to consumers, you can discover the favorite restaurant chains of your frequent hotel guests. This lets you sell advertising to the chain on your hotel’s website and offer discounts together to draw more business. The restaurant might offer a discount with proof of check-in or your hotel might offer a discount with proof of dinner receipt from the past day or week. A further benefit of co-advertising is cost reduction. Big data makes it easy for you to offer relevant content and offers.

Online and In-store

Cover every channel. Multi-channel marketing helps you capture more sales. Some people want to walk in and buy, some want to book online. The key to marketing better is to provide an equally great experience using both methods. Whether you’re an airline, travel agency or hotel, offering a stellar online booking experience sells more.

Use these tips to market your travel business. You can learn more each week from Charles Lubbat in his blog.

Tips For Keeping Your Smile Healthy When Traveling

You start the day by arriving at the airport just after five am, and grab a large coffee and sugary muffin to perk you up while you wait for your early flight. On the airplane, you accept the offer of a free Coke, though you usually don’t indulge in soda. Once you arrive at your destination, you might find a fresh citrus salad in the buffet by the beach, filled with local oranges and grapefruits. You brush your teeth before bed, thinking that you are on top of your oral hygiene, but are you? Travel includes many scenarios that can harm your dental health, if you are not careful. These four tips will help you keep your smile healthy while you are on the road.

1. Keep Floss Within Eyesight

Immediately when you reach your travel destination, unpack your floss and place it out on the bathroom counter-top, in plain view. Since travel disrupts our usual routines, the habits that you have formed at home may fall by the wayside. If you usually wake up at the same time each morning, and brush and floss before hitting the gym, you might feel like you’ve got it down and don’t need to worry. But while traveling, you might be sleeping in or waking up to new environmental stimuli, which throws of the internal cues you rely on at home. If you can see your floss, you are more likely to remember this part of your routine, and reach for it every day.

2. Say No To Acidic Foods

Don’t use travel as an excuse to indulge in acidic foods like coffee, tomato sauce, and citrus fruits. You need to be just as vigilant about the health of your teeth while you are traveling, as you are at home. Your teeth don’t care that you happen to be on vacation, or in a new country! They still feel and react to the damage that you do. If you do eat acidic foods, protect your tooth enamel by eating neutralizing foods afterwards, such as nuts or cheeses. Karl Jobst Grove OK dentist informs us that this will cut down on the acidity that you have introduced into your mouth.

3. Stock Up On Water Bottles

In international environments where the drinking water is compromised, keep a water bottle with your toothpaste and toothbrush. This will make it convenient to splash your toothbrush with water and rinse your mouth. With a water bottle on hand, you’ll have no excuses for missing your twice-a-day minimum brushing routine. Keep bottled water on hand through out the day, as well, so that you reach for water instead of soda, coffee, or alcohol.

4. Replace Sweets With Healthy Snacks

Travel can be tiring, and sometimes this tempts people to reach for sugary treats. If you travel often for work, you might be familiar with this scenario. You’ve been up and traveling since three am, and now you’re feeling jet lagged just in time to jump into a meeting in which you have to make a presentation. Don’t reach for a candy bar for that energy surge that you know you need. Instead, have a snack that gives you sustainable fuel and consists of a combination of fats, protein, and light carbs. Sliced turkey, string cheese, and veggie sticks would be a great option. Excess sugar can lead to cavities and other dental health issues.

These four tips will keep your dental health in top form while you travel. Seeing new places can be exciting and eye opening. It also disrupts our daily routines and habits, which can be a good thing. Use travel to your advantage by forming new healthy habits while on the road: floss daily, avoid acidic foods, drink lots of water, and eat healthy foods.

Tips For Educating Your Children While Traveling The World

As someone who loves traveling, you might be met with a huge challenge where you are not able to have your children pursue education. This is a problem that often comes up when you want to tag them along to the trips you make across the world. However, unlike what many believe, traveling should never be an excuse to barring your children from learning. In fact, this should come as an opportunity to give them a better learning experience away from home. If you are wondering what options you have while traveling, here are tips to educate your child while traveling the world.

Online tutoring

Over the past few years, technology has become a companion in the lives of humans and virtually every service you might think about is available online and offered by reputable institutions. One of these services is online tutoring, which has come as a huge relief to parents who love traveling. Once you enroll your child to join an online Brentwood tutoring expert, you open doors for flexibility and convenience in learning. Even while you will be away, your child can asses all necessary materials as this mode of learning is not subject to geographical limitations.

As long as you have a connection to the internet you can easily attend classes regardless of whether you have traveled to another part of the world. Additionally, when compared to conventional classes online classes cost less. Amid the convenience that comes your way, you are also able to spend less through the entire process. Most importantly, you are presented with a wide array of subjects to choose from and depending on the capabilities of your child you could enroll several of them. All the tutors hired to offer assistance in these institutions are individuals who are trained and highly qualified, so the quality of learning is equally good as what you would get from a Brentwood tutor in a conventional school.

Consider foreign schools

While at the places you visit, you might have to inquire about the availability of international schools. One of the benefits of international schools is that they offer a curriculum that you would find in many places across the world. The system is not solely confined to the local environment as it is designed to allow foreigners to have easy time pursuing various subjects. The other option is choosing just the local schools you will find, but if you have to go this way make sure the curriculum offered matches what your child took back home.

It will be easier to catch up and it eliminates the possibility of confusion taking over the process. You might imagine that foreign schools don’t offer you a chance to educate your child well, but when you choose right, you could even get him to acquire better knowledge. But the cost might vary from place to place, so before you embark on a journey to your next destination it is advisable to research for affordable and verified learning institutions.


This is a method of education that does not follow the different customary practices that are linked to traditional education like grading, testing, and adhering to the dictates of a set curriculum. Its focus is directed to the child’s exploration of curiosities and personal abilities, and for someone who loves traveling it comes in handy. An alternative you might also want to consider when unschooling is not easy for you is homeschooling. Many parents have tried homeschooling and the results have been amazing. What you need is to first understand the things you should do to ensure your child follows the curriculum seamlessly as well as how to identify what to teach.

Would You Like To Travel The World Yet Clear Debt? Here Is How!

Many people are battling the difficult task of trying to settle loans and credit they have accumulated over the years, and this frustration can be justified if you keenly look into their lives and circumstances leading to the failure to comfortably handle debt repayment. Debt could be holding you at ransom and preventing you from touring the world to accomplish your dream. This is the case with many people but what they don’t realize is that it’s possible to travel the world yet repay their debts. If this is what you have always wanted to do, here are few tips that could help you fulfill your wishes.

Set a limit

One of the tricks you could apply when repaying debt to accelerate the process is setting a time limit of when you want to be completely debt-free. This means if you decide that you will clear a debt in two years, you will pursue all means possible to make this happen before this period comes to an end. The benefit of setting a timeline is that you are able to understand what amount you will need to remit every month to make this happen.

You could even stretch yourself further into achieving this earlier because the motivation to do it will keep you working every day. It’s true that many people are stuck in debt through their 50s and this prevents them from traveling to see the world. Setting a short timeline and committing yourself to repayment could open doors sooner to travel the world.

Work with a settlement expert

While working with a settlement company like Nationwide Debt Direct to clear your debts, you could even begin travelling the world right away. This is because all the stress that comes with negotiating settlement terms is lifted off your shoulders and now you can think about other affairs as these professionals deal with the most difficult issues. Debt settlement professionals can help you get good rates and this will mean a shorter repayment period or smaller amounts for each monthly remittance.

Many creditors will not easily take your requests for lower interest and in most cases they will translate your application for inability to honor your part of the deal, so getting a professional who is good at negotiating repayment will leave you with more benefits, and just like that you can travel peacefully knowing nobody will harass you about repayment.

Work towards financial freedom

To eradicate debts from your life, you should have a perfect grasp of financial management. This is the basis that will also help you come up with the right procedure to follow when repaying your loan. Failure to understand your financial limits and how to control expenditure marks the beginning of a long struggle that could see you spend more time repaying a debt.

A simple task like documenting every expenditure and income you make will show you the real picture of your finances and through this you can come up with a plan to lower expenses to create a surplus that can be channeled to loan repayment.

Dealing with drawbacks

What is pushing you back and preventing you from reinforcing your financial status? This is where you should launch your search for a solution. If you think your employment is not doing it well, you could even get a side hustle to supplement what you take home every month. The amount that you get from the additional source of income could be committed to repaying your loan. And one more thing that works perfectly that you could embrace is creating a passive source of income.

4 Ways To Take Work On The Road: A Traveler’s Guide

As a society we have been pretty steadfast in our belief that pleasurable traveling and day to day work are two completely separate activities. However, the workforce is changing and as a society we are forming new beliefs about what it means to “work”, and how that effects our lives, including travel. In 2016 an article published in Forbes stated that one third of the work force was made up of freelancers, and they project that percentage to expand over the coming years. Innovative companies like Capital Alliance help people begin to live a life with more freedom of movement. Technology has impacted the working world in such a way that it is now possible to travel for pleasure and work at the same time. How is it possible? Here are a few ways that you can mix work and travel.

1. Shift Your Mindset

If you have become comfortable with the idea that travel is for enjoyment and work is for those times between traveling, when you grind away and think about your next trip, this is the first thing that has to go. Decide to change your mind. The best way to do that is to look at your beliefs head on. Where did they come from? Most likely, they were formed within a society that did not utilize technology or transportation in the way that we do today. We live in a connected, globalized world. Those outdated beliefs have got to go!

2. Categorize Your Tasks

Begin to think about what work tasks can be done away from your physical work “headquarters”. You will find that some tasks are best done locally. You might need the resources available to you within your organization, or you might need to be at specific events or participate in live, face to face interactions that can not be done virtually. These are non-travel tasks. Next think about the tasks that are travel-friendly. Phone calls, independent projects, written assignments and anything that can be completely by yourself online should be categorized as travel friendly. Bundle these tasks together and then you will have a chunk of work that can be done from anywhere!

3. Live A Laptop Lifestyle

Even when you are at your home base, start to pretend that you are on the road. Develop a stream of income that can be accessed from anywhere on the planet, and work towards making it a viable income. During your day to day life, act as if you are in a foreign country, on a beach, or gazing out at Paris from a hotel rooftop. Keep your home office portable, even if you are stationary for a time. Even if takes an initial cost, it will benefit you when you want to travel. Think big when it comes to financing your dreams and achieving freedom and independence. Resources from lenders like Capital Alliance can help you start living the laptop lifestyle.

4. Increase Your Ability To Focus

When you mix travel and work you will find that you are working from new environments, that might not exactly lend themselves to concentrated energy. If you are going to pursue travel and maintain productivity in work areas, you must become a master at focusing at will. Find tricks that help you drown out the noise around you, and help you complete tasks regardless of external stimuli. Resources that improve focus will help you keep up productivity no matter where you are.

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Top Travel Trends for 2017

Though 2017 is nearly half over, many people are continuing to make this year a special year for travel. Traditionally, most people base their travel plans on popular destinations like theme parks and national monuments. Modern people however, are finding new reasons to travel.

The most popular new travel trends reflect the needs and interests of the individual. For many people, it is difficult to load a motor home, point to a location on a map, and spend weeks exploring. More and more people are discovering that travel has greater value when the destination is paired with a lifestyle, or a personal desire.

Careers and Exploration

Gone are the days when an employer regularly provides weeks of time for a valued employee to travel for a traditional vacation. Many people are now engaged in professional business situations that allow them to take time for travel, as long as it coincides with company deadlines.

Since most destinations in the world are now linked to wireless communication sources, the conundrum for modern travelers boils down to which destinations have the best wireless service. It’s now possible to sit on a tropical beach, or relax next to a national monument and still produce work for an employer. Many people in 2017 will choose to find a travel destination that will allow them to seamlessly combine work duties with relaxation, while doing business on a mobile device.

Budget Travel

It’s a provable fact from executive sources like the office of Martin J. Stallone, that people under retirement age are most concerned with budgetary matters. These concerns greatly affect choices like travel plans. Generation X, Y, and Millennial members are choosing to design their 2017 vacations around activities that are possible within a strict budget. For younger travelers, 2017 travel is not about extravagance and leisure. It’s about getting the most out of points of interest that are educational, enriching, and cheap.

This type of travel probably involves human-to-human interactions. Young travelers this year will seek diversions with artists, spiritual professionals, nature guides, and rural exploration specialists.

Travel and Politics

Despite the setbacks, many travelers in 2017 will choose to plan trips around things they find interesting in the news. Many people will book plane tickets to the Korean peninsula because of this region’s cultural conflicts. Surprisingly, more and more western travelers are continuing to visit the Middle East even with its obvious dangers.

One of the most popular places for political travelers this year is Cuba. Now that economic and travel sanctions have been lifted regarding this troubled island nation, it has become an inviting place for people wanting to experience a unique Latin adventure.

2017 is the year when the majority of international travelers choose to follow their own personal desires for intrigue and adventure instead of the status quo. Travel this year is poised toward educational and eye-opening adventures for a younger crowd that finally has the means to branch away from their daily existence. This year’s travel adventures are about discovery and social connection, rather than traditional photo opportunities.

7 Graphic Design Software Alternatives to Photoshop

Graphics design is a field that has proved vital for businesses and organizations, and many people are now learning about different design techniques that can help them in marketing and showcasing their products. To make good designs, you need reliable software and you should also have a bit of understanding of how the tools offered are used. Many people have known Photoshop as the most reliable graphics design software, but there are many other alternatives that are far much easier to use. Below are seven that you should try in your next projects.


PicMonkey is powerful software that hides its power behind an intuitive and simple interface. It is a good option if you want to create good images for your blog or for your business due to simplicity and the power of the tools you can get from this software. Its simplicity makes it one of the most suitable alternatives to Photoshop. Most importantly, the software is free for the general version while to access premium features you can pay a small fee.


Canva is gradually gaining traction as a reliable image editing software. It is designed to make design simple for everyone despite having both powerful and useful tools that can allow advanced editing techniques. Many of its elements are accessible for free but for premium features you will need to pay subscription.

Pixlr Editor

For those who have been using Photoshop for a long period of time, using Pixlr Editor will prove easy and intuitive. Unfortunately, for those who are new to editing they could find it a bit challenging to navigate. Its features are to a large extent the same as what you will find in Photoshop.


If you are looking for a Mac image editor, which is fun to use and fast, then Acorn is here to cater for your needs. The tools that come with Acorn, such as custom brushes and instant alpha, make the software a perfect alternative to Photoshop. It offers easy image creation and editing, so you will not need to struggle understanding some features.


Another design software you could use in the place of Photoshop is Pixelmator, which takes advantage of new multi-monitor support features. The software is affordable and offers appealing tools that you could learn how to use in few days. With this alternative you can achieve a smooth design process that delivers impressive photos.

Corel PaintShop Pro X6

The Corel PainShop Pro has been around for many years. Charles Lubbat explains that if you are just beginning on image editing, you will appreciate the smooth learning curve this software offers you. It allows auto selection, and various types of brushes that assist you in the course of your work.


GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free cross-platform editor that offers great capabilities. Its convenience emanates from the fact that it can handle RAW files and there are many libraries that you can use while creating layers and photo effects. Anybody familiar with Photoshop can easily get up to speed with the editor.

5 Apps to Help Manage Allergies and Asthma

Technology has improved life in many ways. In the healthcare sector, there are many new ways of accessing information that are vital to patients and practitioners. Apps have improved the way people access vital services in all sectors, including banking, security and now healthcare. When you go to App Store and Google Play Store on your phone, you will find hundreds of apps dedicated to helping people suffering from different diseases. Those with allergies and asthma have a wide variety of apps to use, but not every one of these is tested for effectiveness and quality. To help you choose easily, below are five apps for people suffering from asthma and allergies that you can use to manage your condition.

Asthma Health

Available on App Store, Asthma Health is a free iPhone application that was developed by the Icahn School of Medicine. It allows users to take part in medical research and studies that are meant to offer solutions to asthma and allergies. Through the application, you can track things like air quality, set reminders and view outbreak trends around a region. It provides users a unique way of learning about the diseases and one can even share a summary of their information with a doctor. Since inception in 2015, Asthma Health has attracted more than 8600 participants.

Propeller Health

Propeller Health is a mobile app available on both App Store and Google Play Store that allows users to sync data using Bluetooth collected from a sensor that is put on your inhaler. This information helps you to monitor your condition and can be sent to your doctor for examination and for advice on the right measures to embrace. It alerts your doctor if your condition is worsening, so having the app could save your life by ensuring you receive the right medication at the right time.

WebMD Allergy

WebMD is a renowned healthcare repository that has been operational for more than two decades. The company offers the WebMD Allergy app, which can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and App Store. The app specifically helps the user to prepare for the day and allows one to track their symptoms then come up with a report to be reviewed by a doctor. You can even receive alerts whenever the pollen count gets high, and this reminds you to take your drugs.


Epi-Pen is a companion application that is available on both App Store and Google Play Store that offers auto-injectors that are designed to help one prepare for emergencies. With the app, you can train and refresh your knowledge on giving auto injections. With the technology availed through Epi-Pen, you can create allergen profiles and save emergency contacts.

Allergy Eats

People suffering from food allergies can find it challenging to eat well, but with Allergy Eats, they have a reason to smile. As Summit Shah cites, the app is free on both iPhone and Android and it displays listings of restaurants that offer allergy-friendly servings. There are reviews from users, which help you to narrow down to a specific choice that you can trust.